Affiliate Marketing Business: The Fastest Way To Start

Becoming a Self Starter

The concept of being a “self starter” is very important for your success in any online business, especially affiliate marketing. When you work at affiliate marketing online, nobody will tell you when to start working or when to stop working.

So you’ll need to:

  • Commit to making a work schedule for yourself – even if it’s just half an hour a day to start.
  • Be sure to work on your business every day – even when nobody is looking!

Time Management

When you work out in this brick and mortar world, other people determine the deadlines you have to meet. They also can push you to do and accomplish a certain amount of work during a given period of time. Those you sign your paycheck decide what your due dates will be.

When you work at affiliate marketing — or any other online business — only YOU set the deadlines. Nobody will tell you what tasks need to be completed, or when.

When you are first starting out, you’ll be building your business gradually, most likely in your spare time. So you’ll need to develop skills for managing your time wisely, and getting as much done as possible in as little time as possible.

Good time management can really help you get anything off the ground faster — not just your affiliate marketing business, but many other aspects of life. Time management includes the coordination of many important skills:

  • Setting goals – short, medium, and long term.
  • Determining priorities, urgencies, and deadlines.
  • Doing things in the right order, at the right time.
  • Grouping similar tasks and not doing the same thing twice.
  • Taking advantage of your “peak performance” times.
  • Being organized (not losing things means you don’t waste time looking).
  • Delegating (eventually) to others.
  • Not wasting time.

Being in the Business of “Selling” and “Pre-Selling”

To some extent, affiliates don’t actually “sell.” But they do connect customers with products – and they certainly are “in business.”

Sometimes affiliates engage in “selling” by purchasing advertising, such as in the pay per click (PPC) business model. These affiliates buy ad space online. Visitors click their affiliate links in these ads or on the web pages these affiliate create to promote products.

In other cases, affiliates engage in the creative use of a process called “pre-selling.” These affiliates develop websites or email newsletters filled with information – called “content” – which inspires visitors to click on affiliate links and purchase products.

But in either case, if you want to really succeed as an affiliate, you must be willing to develop a businesslike mindset. You need to think in terms of profit and loss, and you must enter into it with the mindset of always getting a good Return On Investment (ROI).

Also, you need to learn how to outsource everything properly, so that other people do everything you need for you.

What Is a Businesslike Mindset?

Some of the realities of being in business (ANY business) are:

  • There really IS no business until sales are made. You don’t have to enjoy being a face-to-face salesperson, but you DO have to be okay with the idea of selling something to people!
  • There are a great many business-related tasks associated with affiliate marketing – and you WILL have to do them. These include advertising, selling, keeping records, calculating profit and loss, and taking care of tax issues.
  • Affiliate marketing is a “hands-on” business that will require your time and effort. So it’s important that you are willing to learn to enjoy at least most business tasks.

A Willingness to Learn

Affiliate marketing sounds simple enough; you just sign up as an affiliate, put your affiliate link on your website and make sales, right? Well… not exactly.

There are a lot of affiliate marketers out there, perhaps millions. Many of them are competing for the same customers that you will be targeting. So the affiliate marketer with the highest level of skill at the craft is the one who will make the sale.

Affiliate marketing is a craft that is a mixture of business savvy, business science, technical proficiency, and a good portion of art thrown in for good measure.

So it’s important to remember that:

  • There is a learning curve. You can shorten and flatten this curve considerably by learning to do things correctly, legally, and efficiently the first time around.
  • You will need to learn a little bit about technology. You don’t need to become a programming whiz, but you’ll need to learn enough to be an empowered marketer who can take charge of your websites if necessary. We’ll discuss this in more detail later.
  • You are not going to start making money the moment you place an affiliate link on your website. It’s very possible to get traffic to your site quickly, and make sales relatively fast, but there is a lag time between earning the commissions and receiving a paycheck.

As an affiliate marketer, it is very, very unlikely that you will have a “staff” to take care of the day to
day business tasks. Affiliate marketing is a “hands-on” business that is going to require a great deal of your time and’s important..even vital..that you really love the business of selling!

The good news is that once you are even minimally proficient at the craft of the business of affiliate marketing, you will start making money. The better you get at the craft, the more your business will grow.

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